April 7, 1985 • Vancouver Province One Man’s 16-Year Crusade Dr. Henry Morgentaler arrives in Vancouver this week to speak at UBC Friday night. Sunday he speaks to the Victoria Canadian Abortion Rights Activist League to raise funds for his legal defence. While he says no abortion clinics are planned for B.C., anti-abortion groups fear.. read more →

02 Jan 1975
January 2, 1975

January 1975: “Abortion Law ‘a Farce'”

January 1975 • Vancouver Sun Abortion Law “a Farce” Lawyer details twists and turns By KAYCE WHITE Montreal criminal lawyer Claude-Armand Sheppard has spent five years before the courts arguing every aspect of abortion law. In that time he has come to the conclusion that the law on abortion is “a farce.” “Parliament has recognized.. read more →

May 6, 1967 • SW Magazine How the Hospitals Broke the Great Abortion Silence Ten strong reasons why the abortion ban has been ignored can be found in these ten cases culled from hospitals across our country by WALTER STEWART, SW Magazine staff writer For years, Canadian doctors have been stretching the law that makes.. read more →

July 1962 • Liberty Magazine Why Abortion Should be Legalized in Canada by DR. BENJAMIN SCHLESINGER 50,000 Canadian women yearly face near-murderous operations. Cruel laws aren’t the answer to this agonizing social problem. WHO IS SCHLESINGER? At 34, lecturer, social worker and marriage counsellor Benjamin Schlesinger, B.A., M.S.W., Ph.D,, has already had 14 years experience.. read more →