A 25th Anniversary Celebration

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  1. Stephanie

    Congratulations! To 25 years more groundbreaking improvement!

  2. Erin Mitchell

    As a woman and a mother of a young daughter, I would like to thank you, Dr. Morgentaler, for continuously putting yourself at risk to defend women’s rights. You have changed our world, Dr. Morgentaler, and not just for my mother’s generation, or my generation, but for my daughter’s generation as well. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your respect, your tirelessness, and your honour.

  3. Mere Hines

    I was too young in the 80s to really understand who Dr. Morgentaler was, let alone the importance his fight would have in advancing my rights as a woman. Now that I am grown, I look back on his struggles, his determination, and his unwavering commitment to women’s rights and I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Dr. Morgentaler, for the sacrifices you made so that Canadian women can make their own choices.

  4. Jane Cawthorne

    Thank you Dr. Morgentaler for your tireless efforts to affirm and protect the rights of women in Canada.

  5. Allison Webster

    Thanks to Dr. Morgentaler, and those who helped him in his quest, Canadian women are now able to exercise control over their reproductive health. We must promise to continue the fight to ensure access to legal, safe abortion is the norm across Canada. Thank you, Dr. Morgentaler!

  6. Jordana Greenblatt

    I was too young in the 80s to really know what was going on, but my mother was out rallying for the decriminalization of free-standing clinics. Now I rally for equal access. Thank you so much, Dr. Morgentaler, for your amazing dedication to reproductive freedom, on the anniversary of this incredible accomplishment. So sad I can’t be in the country to join in the celebrations.

  7. Sarah Diehl

    That other countries didnt catch up with the positive example of Canada just shows how the stigma around abortion silences women’s voices to claim what they need: safe and free abortion access

  8. Martha Paynter

    Thank you Dr. Morgentaler for protecting choice in Canada and your selfless and unfortunately endless work for the women of New Brunswick especially.

  9. Allison

    Thank you, Dr. Morgentaler, for fighting so hard for this basic right of women to have control over their own bodies. I have benefited from this. I am thankful that I have these rights. Many years ago, in my early 20s, while in university, I got pregnant and made the difficult decision to have an abortion. Thankfully, I was able to call up the Morgentaler Clinic and have access to those services. I had no idea that Dr. Morgentaler was actually going to be the one to perform the abortion. When he walked in the room, I was so excited to meet him and thank him for fighting for me and other women, but I was woozy from the drugs they had given me, and so awe-struck, I could barely say a word. What i wanted to say was thank you so much, I have so much admiration for you.

  10. Shari Hatt

    Thank you very much, Dr. Morgentaler!

  11. amanda mcmartin

    I wasnt born till 89 but i have used the morgentaler clinic and i was blown away with the amount of compassion and care they had gave me when i was going through with the difficult decision i am greatful that he faught for my rights and my fellow womens rights. thank you again dr morgentaler for all you have done to protect our rights!

  12. Claudine

    Congratulations to 25 of choice for women! Abortion access is a human right and I’m glad Canada recognizes this.

  13. Shannon Dea

    Dear Dr. Morgentaler, thank you for your courageous battle for abortion rights for Canadian women. This is truly an anniversary worth celebrating!

  14. Savannah

    Thank you Dr. Morgentaler for fighting for the gift of reproductive choice for myself and all Canadian women!

  15. Christina Hopkins

    15 years ago, at the age of 18, I had an unplanned pregnancy. I saw my adult life, just starting, diverge in two potential paths in front of me. One of young, single motherhood, struggle and quite possibly bitterness. Another of education, opportunity and the possibility to choose motherhood later, when I was ready, or not, if I didn’t want to. I weighed the options and choose to terminate the pregnancy in favour of the later path. I am continually grateful that I was free to make this decision, and follow through with it safely. I know if not for the work of Dr. Morgentaler and hundreds of activists who struggled that I wouldn’t have been free to exercise control over my body and my destiny.

  16. Daniel van Heest

    Thank you Dr. Morgentaler.

  17. Dawn Keenan

    I had an abortion under the old law. I was fortunate to live in a city where I had access to sympathetic counsellors and physicians who listened to patients and worked towards the healthiest desirable outcome.
    Since that time, I have given birth twice, to persons who have grown or are growing to be thoughtful, intelligent, caring adults. There is a strong likelihood that, had I been denied an abortion by the tribunal, I would not have survived other health problems and gotten to meet and nurture these two fine people.
    Thank you, Dr. Morgentaler, for making the path of those who followed me less treacherous to tread.

  18. Mary Scott

    Thank you Dr. Morgentaler. You were not afraid to speak out, and do what’s right for women. Women must have control over their bodies.

  19. Franki Harrogate

    Thank you so much for your active pursuit of enshrining in law a woman’s right to choose. I have terminated 2 unplanned pregnancies at the Morgentaler clinic, and have never regretted choosing the best option both for me and for those potential lives – I would not have been, in any way, a fit parent. I am now pregnant with a planned child and my partner and I could not be happier to welcome this new addition. This state of affairs would not be, had I not had the ability to decide to terminate when I needed to do so. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for dedicating your time and your passion to women’s reproductive freedom.

  20. Milena Placentile

    Thank you to all the Canadians who fought to make a woman’s right to choose possible, and thank you to all who continue to fight.

    What I have lived my life believing to be an essential, fundamental human right is constantly under threat. This should not be the case, but it’s a reminder that until it is once and for all understood that our bodies are ours and ours alone, we must continue to celebrate, promote and protect the right to choice.

    On a further personal note, I’m so relieved I’ve never become pregnant and, thanks to permanent birth control, I’m relieved that I never will. I know Dr. Morgentaler and those around him led the way for that *full spectrum* of medical options available to me and I know my life (and the lives of those I care about most) are better off because of their collective efforts. THANK YOU!!!

  21. Donnafaye Milton

    I sang “Sisters You Keep Me Fighting’ at a rally in support of an honorary degree for Dr. Morgentaler at the University of Western Ontario

  22. Micki Landa

    On behalf of myself, my daughter and 3 granddaughters, I would like to thank you for your tireless efforts, courage and determination to ensure that all Canadian women are in control over their reproductive rights. We are the envy of millions of women around the world. Many, many, thanks. We will do our best to ensure that these rights remain in our hands !!

  23. Stephi Rae

    I appreciate the difficult job the Drs have committed themselves too. Thank you for everything you do!

  24. Tara Paterson

    A big thank you to Dr. Morgentaler and all of the amazing doctors and advocates who have fought to defend access to all choices!

  25. Rina

    Congratulations to all the courageous people who worked so hard 25 years ago to reach this amazing decision. Thank you to all those who continue to work every day 25 years later to allow women access to reproductive choice. Thank you to Dr. Morgentaler for inspiring so many doctors like myself to continue to fight for womens’ rights to control their bodies.

  26. Darlene Juschka

    I, among many women in Canada, can not show enough gratitude and appreciation for the difficult and dangerous work of Dr. Morgentaler and supporting organizations and health providers. Reproductive health is a human right and that there are governments and organization who wish to deny women this right continues to shock and dismay me. The situation in Wichita Kansas, for example, is one where a handful of fanatics supported by the state government and governor (anti abortion zealot Sam Brownback) ensure that women do not have reproductive freedom. However, the Trust Women’s Foundation has purchased Dr. Tiller’s clinic (Tiller was murdered by an anti-abortion zealot) in order to provide women with reproductive freedom once again in Kansas. The anti-abortion zealots have begun to try and prevent the opening of the clinic by having the city rezone the clinic’s neighborhood, by threatening the exec director of the clinic and publishing her home addresses and asking people to harass her. The police, as before, do little to nothing. I think the federal government should send in the military to protect the clinic and those working in it. Anti-abortionists use terrorism and get away with it.

  27. Ann Braithwaite

    I remember that time well! Thank you Henry Morgentaler! We will not stop the fight to ensure repro justice for all in Canada.

  28. Brock May

    My best wishes & profound congratulations & gratitude to Henry & all those who’ve worked tirelessly over the years in support of a woman’s right to choose. It was indeed a proud moment in Canadian history the day Henry received his Order of Canada.

  29. Chris Kaposy

    I saw Dr. Morgentaler speak at an event on the 20th anniversary. It was a highlight of my life. He is a Canadian hero.

  30. Shannon

    Thank you and congratulations!

  31. Linda MacDonald

    An important milestone for women’s rights in Canada…but we must be ever vigilant and speak our voices to maintain our right to control our own bodies as women.

  32. Cristina Villarreal

    Congratulations for real choice for women!!! In other countries we have a lot to learn from this approach! I had the privilege to meet Dr. Morgentaler who is my hero!!

  33. Tom Dionne-Carroll

    Thank you

  34. Jaden Fitzherbert

    Sending a huge thank you to Dr Morgentaler and all the people who helped him! Thanks to you, as a Canadian woman, I can exercise my RIGHT to become a mother when I deem fit. You are my hero(s)!

  35. Charlotte Taft

    Thank you to doctor Morgentaler for your extraordinary courage and determination to stand for women and our most private and personal rights. I am so proud to know you and to be part of the community of abortion providers. We are truly Human Rights Defenders. You will never know how many women’s lives you have improved over all these years. Thank you on their behalf. Charlotte Taft, Director Abortion Care Network

  36. Rose Codding, Director

    From all our staff and doctors at Falls Church Healthcare Center, in Virginia USA, as USA celebrates our 40th anniversary of our landmark Supreme Court decision , we share in your momentous work and sacrifice for the Women and their families in Canada and join in celebrating your landmark rulings 25 years ago. We will try to repay our debt to your service by standing for women and their right to reproductive health and justice.

  37. Marianne Welsh

    Thank you

  38. John Underhay

    Congratulations to Dr. Morgentaler and the other dedicated people who have enabled abortion services to be available for most Canadians. There is more to be done, so we must keep struggling.

  39. Noreena

    Thank you for fighting for a woman’s right to safely manage her own life plan.

  40. Heather Burley

    Happy Anniversary, congratulations and my deepest gratitude to Dr Morgentaler, and to all those who continue our important fight for reproductive justice in Canada and around the world.

  41. Susan Blayney

    Thank you, Henry for hiring me to work along beside you and all the other dedicated staff who kept the clinic the Harbord St. Clinic open while the Supreme Court case was being heard. January 28, 1988, standing with you after you returned from Ottawa was one of the proudest moments of my life. Being part of a movement which contributed to the health and well being of so many Canadian women was immensely fulfilling over my 21 year career in women’s health provision. Distance prevents me from being in Toronto to celebrate with you but I will be with you in spirit.

  42. A milestone celebration of a “right” that is still so hotly debated. We must honour the work of Dr Morgentaler and keep the momentum going and not roll backwards. Thank you Dr Morgentaler for your tireless work.

  43. Marlyn Bennett

    Thank you Dr. Morgentaler for giving women in Canada a choice!!!

  44. Jane Bouey

    Thank you, Dr. Morgentaler – for your courage, commitment, and dedication. Thank you to all the generations of women and allies, who have fought for reproductive rights. Thank you to all who continue to defend our gains
    and work for increased access.

  45. Dianne Varga

    Thank you, Dr. Morgentaler, for persisting in safeguarding the lives and health of women despite being prosecuted, vilified and threatened for doing so. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, the arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice. May you enjoy the many honours bestowed upon you in the intervening years.

  46. Marilyn T. Welles, D.Sc.

    Thank you Dr. Morgentaler

  47. Sharon Gregson

    Thank you for myself and on behalf of my daughters.

  48. Dr Pega Ren

    Hooray! I have been marching, working, teaching, helping in so many ways for so many years to celebrate this day with all of you. Thank you to all of you, and especially to you, Dr. M! You are one of my heroes!!

  49. Pat Bailey

    Thank you, Dr. Morgentaler, for your bravery + sacrifice. I am so angry that women around the world are still fighting for the right to choose, and that in countries where that right is legal, we are continually have to fight to preserve it.

  50. Joyce M. Hancock

    Congratulation Dr. Morgentaler for the work you have accomplished for the women of Canada . Having been a part of our struggle for abortion services in Newfoundland and Labrador in the 80’s it is fitting that we name and claim this victory for ourselves but continue to be vigilant that reproductive choice remain a cornerstone of the feminist movement.

  51. Catherine Daw

    As a director of Canadian Abortion Rights Action League, trustee for the Morgentaler Legal defence fund and an activist at the time it was a delight to see a result I didn’t expect to see in my lifetime.

    Congratulations on making this such a celebratory event. We need to remind ourselves of what we take for granted was so hard fought.

  52. Sue Genge

    An extremely important victory for women’s equality; one which we will have to continue to defend.

  53. Polly

    Thank you to all the reproductive rights workers and activists!

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