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Morgentaler 25 Years Later: We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

by Supriya Dwivedi, The Huffington Post, January 28, 2013

The essential issue before the Supreme Court was whether the provisions in the Criminal Code unjustifiably infringed on a woman’s right to “life, liberty and security of the person,” as guaranteed by section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In a split 5-2 judgment, with no opinion garnering more than two signatures, the Court found that s. 251 of the Criminal Code violated s. 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and could not be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society as per s. 1 of the Charter.

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Historical Morgentaler decision marks 25th anniversary

January 28, 2013. The Current on CBC.


Historical Morgentaler decision marks 25th anniversary – Carolyn Egan & Morris Manning

We started this segment with a clip from CBC news on this day, twenty-five years ago, as the Supreme Court of Canada struck down this country’s abortion law.

The ramifications of that decision are still reverberating in Canada. Carolyn Egan was an active participant in that dramatic case. She was one of the founders of the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics and worked closely with Dr. Henry Morgentaler.

And the lawyer who fought the case on behalf of Dr. Henry Morgentaler and then took it to Supreme Court was Morris Manning.

They were both in Toronto.

Historical Morgentaler decision marks 25th anniversary – Doug Lewis

Doug Lewis was government House Leader under Prime Minister Brian Mulroney when the Supreme Court made its decision. A year later, he became Justice Minister and Attorney General – and was faced with the task of drawing up an abortion law. Doug Lewis joined us from Orillia, Ontario.

The battle for the right to an abortion was hard fought. Let’s protect the rights we’ve earned

by Vicki Saporta, President and CEO of the National Abortion Federation of Canada, January 28, 2013, The Vancouver Sun


Today marks the 25th anniversary of R v. Morgentaler, the Supreme Court decision that decriminalized abortion in Canada. This landmark decision has undoubtedly protected the health and saved the lives of countless women and changed the legal landscape in Canada.

PEI Premier Maintains Anti-Choice Stance 25 Years After National Decriminalization

For Immediate Release – January 27, 2013

Premier maintains Anti-Choice Stance 25 years after National Decriminalization

Charlottetown – January 27th, 2013 – Since his 2011 statement that the “status quo is going to remain in effect” Premier Robert Ghiz has declined to respond to calls for action on the issue of PEI’s status as the only Canadian province without abortion services. In honour of the 25th anniversary of the decriminalization in Canada, the PEI Abortion Rights Network has asked the premier to clarify the position of his government, and have received no response. The Premier has repeatedly denied media requests and avoided discussing what he has termed an “emotional issue.”

“There is no formal policy on the books anywhere in Prince Edward Island that would prevent this simple medical procedure from being performed in Island hospitals. If there were a policy, it would be a clear restriction of women’s rights to self-determination, and it wouldn’t hold up” says Emily Rutledge of the PEI Abortion Rights Network.

Pro-choice advocates in PEI are concerned that an outdated resolution still reflects the political position of the provincial government. In March of 1988 the government of PEI passed resolution 17, which stated that “the great majority of the people of PEI believe that life begins at conception and any policy that permits abortion is unacceptable” and resolving that “the Legislative Assembly of PEI oppose the performing of abortions.” This resolution was supported by current cabinet minister Ronnie McKinley. This resolution is the last formal statement made by the provincial government on the issue of abortion. Ghiz did not respond to a letter requesting he state his position on this resolution.

Members of the Abortion Rights Network believe that Ghiz is playing politics with women’s rights. “What is needed is political will,” says Rutlege, “We understand that politicians’ concerns about their personal re-election and the re-election to power of their parties is an emotional issue. We must not let the emotional issue of politicians’ fear about their political future two, three, or four years down the road trump women’s well-founded, rational claim to justice.”

Dr. Richard Wedge, acting CEO of Health PEI indicated as much during the 2012 Health PEI AGM: “The Premier of the province has told us at health PEI that he wants to maintain the status quo and it is our role to implement the health plan, as given by the government.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Colleen MacQuarrie, an associate professor of psychology at UPEI, has undertaken a community based research project that has revealed that the “status quo” harms PEI women’s health: “what has become painfully obvious is that all women who have had an unwanted pregnancy and wanted an abortion have been harmed by the lack of local access” says MacQuarrie, “the level of harm is not distributed equally among women. The most vulnerable and the most marginalized women have suffered the most from the lack of local access. Poor women and younger girls have been least likely to have the resources required and desperately try to bring a period back through self harm.”

In the hope that PEI women will soon be granted access to this primary health service, the PEI Abortion Rights Network and pro-choice organizations are holding celebrations to honour the anniversary of the historic Morgentaler decision.
– 30 –

PEI Abortion Rights Network

Happy 25th Anniversary R. v. Morgentaler!

by Yee Lee, We Talk Women, January 27, 2013

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling in favour of Dr. Morgentaler, Dr. Smoling, and Dr. Scott, which granted women’s true personal autonomy. This date holds special weight with me. Not just because I’m a woman, but also because I’m a nurse. One who has spent the bulk of her career as an abortion provider.

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