January 28, 2013. The Current on CBC.


Historical Morgentaler decision marks 25th anniversary – Carolyn Egan & Morris Manning

We started this segment with a clip from CBC news on this day, twenty-five years ago, as the Supreme Court of Canada struck down this country’s abortion law.

The ramifications of that decision are still reverberating in Canada. Carolyn Egan was an active participant in that dramatic case. She was one of the founders of the Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics and worked closely with Dr. Henry Morgentaler.

And the lawyer who fought the case on behalf of Dr. Henry Morgentaler and then took it to Supreme Court was Morris Manning.

They were both in Toronto.

Historical Morgentaler decision marks 25th anniversary – Doug Lewis

Doug Lewis was government House Leader under Prime Minister Brian Mulroney when the Supreme Court made its decision. A year later, he became Justice Minister and Attorney General – and was faced with the task of drawing up an abortion law. Doug Lewis joined us from Orillia, Ontario.